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Today I spent the day planting flowers in my backyard.

As I started down the process I was reminded the lessons of life.

Firstly, when I bought the plant it had been cared for and comfortably growing in its container

but then I saw it,

the roots were outgrowing their home and needed space to grow.

I was humbled with understanding this has been true multiple times in my life,

this time I realize the exact season I'm in.

My ethnic roots were exposed in such a harsh way,

which history has told me not to be surprised by.

The God I believe in has been asking me to trust him

he has a bigger home for me with the right soil and care

to blossom in the next season of my life.

The flowers roots responded in all the ways we humans do to change.

Some wouldn't budge and had to be pulled out.

Some wiggled out nice and easily.

Others got snagged in certain areas,

to their original container or intertwined with in the next container.

As I pulled some apart and moved them in to their new homes

It was rough at first

but then I remembered what it felt like to be Uprooted.

Suddenly I understood why they say planting is healing.

Why they say to name a plant after yourself.

I know how to care for this plant because I know how I would have like to be handled.

So I made a nice soft bed

put them near old and new friends with space to grow

Tripled checked their care instructions

Feed them and checked in regularly.

This morning two more flowers said hello.

Safe to say they like their new home.

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