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Roots II

If I were a root

I'd be the one poking out.

Innately curious to whats going on up there.

To excited to see instead of appreciating the safety of growing underground

I'd learn to dive back down but not without leaving a lookout point.

Then I'd run to tell everyone what I saw

I tell all the others,

'They never told us we're the strongest tree.

We're meant to grow into giants you see'

I'd tell them come jump on my branch and follow me

and then I'd tell them the coolest thing.

'We can climb up whenever we want,

we are connected to the whole tree'

I'd warn them to be careful because some of the climb is tricky

as I showed them the route I took.

All along experiencing the different seasons and transformations.

Then we'd go back and tell the others.

If I were a root

I'd be the one breaking through the cement

I'd be the one that reminds you to watch your steps

I'd be the one to remind you why we exist.

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