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Zu's Legend

A Promise to Honor Zu's Legacy

Zuher Ali Ibrahim was born on July 28, 1998 in Shire, Tigray and raised in New York City. She was such a bright light and amazing spirit having impacted so many lives in the 23yrs she shared with us on this planet. Zuher and Hanna meet virtually in December 2020 in the midst of advocating against the ongoing #TigrayGenocide and continued to bond and grow over their love for their people. Zuher was the epitome of everything that the Uprooted are, and she championed for our liberation, and happiness everyday.

On April 24th 2022, our sweet sister and friend Zuher passed a few months before her 24th birthday, and walking in her Master's degree commencement from Fordham University. Zuher was an academic giant completing her degrees with double majors and minors, even taking the time to extend her thesis paper, yes we are all shocked too! But that was/is Zuher, her love of learning and school was so apparent but she never held anyone to that standard. She believed everyone deserved access to information, and it's in that spirit that we have pledged 15% of profits to education based programs, and Zu specific products will be earmarked for the Zuher Ibrahim Memorial Scholarship Fund from Tegaru Professionals Network, to which she was national co-chair.

The most widely known thing about Zuher was her love of uplifting others in all the different ways. If she could find a way to help she would, and it can be seen in the spirit of her family and community. Zuher was loved and nurtured by her parents Ali and Aziza, brother Fahme, extended family, friends, and Tri-State community. It was through those beautiful relationships that one could see that spirit of generosity, love, humor, and experience what support was tangibly. It is in that vein that we honor Zuher by earmarking 25% of our profits for mutual aid initiatives. As the globe continues to feel the burden of the pandemic, genocide, and oppression it is imperative that we continue to lend a hand and carry each other through tough times. The Uprooted have always survived together and that was something Zu actively built everyday.

Lastly, Zuher believed heavily on supporting people holistically and to make the world a better place. She advocated for many social justices issues not limited to domestic violence, fair housing practices, police brutality, and the like. What Zuher really understood was that our problems were intersectional, and that our biggest task is educating people and getting them engaged. We discussed and planned for Zuher to have her own segment to do just that. We dreamed up all the services and resources that we could build for the community. It is our promise to keep that dream alive, and build upon this legacy with and for Zuher. 60% of profits will be designated to building out programs to aid the diaspora in planting their roots. This will include immigration resources, social services, language support, career development, financial literacy, etc. As Zu always did, Uprooted will continue to building space for the community to grow and develop as our needs do and be intentional of building with one another.

We have been absolutely shattered since losing our baby girl Zuher, and this is the way we are piecing our way back home in our love for her, and through her heart for us. We love you Zuher, long live the legend 💜

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