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For My Hizbe

For Our Hizbe, Our People, Our Culture

"For My Hizbe" is a brash, rambunctious anthem dedicated to Tigray with a message for those inflicting genocide on its people. This track was created in response to the atrocities committed to the innocent people of Tigray for over a year now. No food, electricity, or telecommunications alongside indiscriminate bombings, looting, and rape. We, the diaspora of Tigray, have been at our boiling point for months, and "For My Hizbe" is the smoke created from it. This visual media project is a declaration that Tigray will live on through the diaspora. We will carry on our culture despite where we are physically. Tigray will be our forever first home, and core to the shaping our lives. We reclaim our history, and vow to preserve all that we can while staying committed to healing and rebuilding our people.

Please visit to learn more and find ways to help.
Acknowledgments to everyone who brought this project to life and continuing to advocate against #TigrayGenocide. This track will help you fight through the darkness.

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