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Personal Development: Section 1




8 Weeks

About the Course





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Hanna Rutha

Hanna Rutha

Hanna, known to her family and community as Rutha, graduated with her B.A. in Psychology and subsequently received her M.A. in Organizational Leadership specializing in Strategic Innovation and Change. Over the last 10+ years she has turned her has gained a variety of experiences with individual coaching, group facilitation, start-up formation, organization management consultations and strategy formation.

Across it all, she's learned that the key determining for those who lived fulfilled and considered themselves successful was their ability to shift their mindset, and manage their time. Every great leader has excellent self awareness, and brings on support for the areas they are weak. Hanna is passionate about bridging this gap by providing the knowledge, tools, and guidance on bettering your own life and uplifting your community.

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